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Sexy Girl Natural Look 161cm Silicone Real Love Doll

✔ Full Body Sex Doll Are Not Available Cash On Delivery.

✔ 50% Advance 50% Cash On Delivery Possible.

✔ We Are Sell New Dolls Only.

✔ All Products Are Packed Well.Without Advance We Can’t Open.

✔ Need Original Images /Order Conformation Payment Advance Rs.15,000/-

✔ Silicone doll head*1.
✔ silicone doll body*1
✔ M16 stainless steel interface screw*1
✔ Pinball bayonet screw*1
✔ Non-woven bags for dolls*1
✔ The height of the doll corresponds to the reinforced carton. filled with vacuum foam cloth*1
✔ Vaginal douche*1
✔ Feel powder*1
✔ Doll repair glue A*1. B*1


100 in stock

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✅ Sex doll faces and bodies modeled on areal personin some instances.

✅ with realistic skin material (similar to that used for movie special effects).

✅ and with realistic (or even real) hair. These dolls usually have an articulated Silicone or metal skeleton with flexible joints