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Penile Persistent Trainer Enjoy An Interesting Life For Increase Sex Timing For male

✔ Material:TPE,ABS
✔ Pattern: 12 strong vibration modes
✔ Two Styles:vibrating up and down, vibrating left and right
✔ Sleeve Size: 38x60mm
✔ Control Size: 50×50 mm
✔ Power :USB charging
✔ Charging time: 4h
✔ Working time:1h
✔ Noise: less than 50db
✔ Color: black


98 in stock

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✅ 360 degrees exercise all-around penis.
✅ Massage the penis left and right, waist design fits the glans and does not fall off.
✅ Big granules fit around the penis, masturbation and training are more comfortable.
✅ Training penis, delay ejaculation and increase sex time effectively.
✅ Dredge penile blood circulation, improve sex life.